Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fluorinated Water and the Elderly

Fluoride is may be good for your teeth but that is about it.
What does it do to your bones? It makes them hard.
Is that bad you say? Well, the bones of children aren't that hard. It fact they are much more flexible that adult bones. Which is good for them or they'd have many more fractures.
So on to my main point. Fluoride in the water is unsafe for the elderly. Is it just me or are more seniors suffering from broken hips and falls from fractures during daily activities? We hear all the time about getting enough calcium to prevent fractures. What if that isn't really the problem?
Call me crazy but I'd rather have the possibility of bad teeth than broken bones. Your toothpaste probably has fluoride so why put it in your water? You do brush right?
Don't drink it and save yourself a trip to the hospital.
I have chosen to use toothpaste that contains no fluoride. Oh, and don't get silver amalgam fillings if you do have cavities. If you have them already you would be well off getting them safely removed as they continuously release mercury into your body.

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